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New Consignor

If you have not been a consignor at The One Week Boutique before, getting started is easy. Just join the sale using the button below to start entering items into your inventory! The organizational fee is due upon registration. 

Returning Consignors

Previous consignors Log In to register for the current sale and manage your items using your existing MyCM Consignor Account. You may also log in to choose team member shifts or set a drop off appointment once they are posted.

Consignor Drop Off

We do our best to make our consignor drop off easy!  

Once you arrive at your appointment time, our team members will unload your car and place your items out on the sales floor.  Appointments are required.  Please do not arrive early.  We are scheduling consignors every 15 minutes.

Please allow 20-30 minutes  to check-in and depending on the time of day, there may be a line.  

NEW REQUIREMENTS:  All your clothing must be divided into groups by gender/size with rubber bands (or similar).  We also are asking you group like items into boxes that don't have to be returned - books, younger kid toys, older kid toys, shoes, etc.

You will select an appointment by logging in to your account (log in link in the sidebar to the right).  When choosing your appointment, only available times will be presented. If you do not see a time you prefer, please check back closer to the drop off time to see if any additional spots have opened up. People move their times around right up until the last minute.  Due to the number of consignors and our tight time frame, we can't add anyone if the appointment time you want is full.

If you plan to consign more than 300 items or need two trips to bring everything, you will be required to have two appointments.  Please email us to schedule those appointments as early as possible.  This policy will be strictly enforced to allow a smooth check-in process for all of our consignors, including our power sellers!

  • When you get to the Civic Center, look for signs indicating where to enter the drop off line.  
  • We will confirm your appointment, give you your wristbands and let you purchase your guest pass.
  • Our team members will assist you in unloading your items and bringing them inside.  Everything will go through our inspection process, but you do not have to wait.  All rejected items (not marked to donate) will be scanned, stored and returned to you on Sunday at Consignor Pick-Up .  
  • We ask you bundle your clothing by gender and size with rubber bands.  This makes is easy to get them on the correct racks as quickly as possible.
  • Please bring your items in boxes that don't have to be returned.  Bringing plastic bins that have to be emptied holds up the line. 
  • If you have high-value items (over $15) that are not marked to donate, you may request to have them insured through our Premium Protection program. 
  • All items must be on hangers, priced  and tagged  BEFORE you arrive in the line.
  • If you have item that needs to be assembled (pack 'n plays, furniture, outdoor toys, etc) you can drop them off, but we will ask you to park and return inside to put them together.
Drop & Go Map

Check-In/Drop Off Location

At your appointment time, please bring all of your items to our sale location  at the Civic Center. Drive around to the side of the building where you will see signs indicating where you should enter.  Your patience is appreciated.  Please know we will be doing our best to get you in and out as quickly as possible!

October 4-6, 2019