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Want to make more money?

Did that get your attention?  We are ready to help our consignors make the most money they can!  There are just a few basic things that you need to remember when you start getting your items together to sell.

  1. Iron your clothes!   You would be amazed how much better clothing looks when they are not full of wrinkles.  Not only will they sell better, but they will bring more money.  Ironing (in bright light) is also a great way to really inspect your clothing for stains.  Stains were our #1 complaint among shoppers at our last sale.  We do our absolute best to check for stains during check-in, as well as do another full clothing rack inspection prior to opening, but we still tend to miss some items.  We pull hundreds of pieces during the sale for stains.  You are our first level of defense against bad quality, so check your items carefully!!
  2. Price your items right!   First-time consignors are notorious for pricing their items too high and are usually disappointed in their sales.  There is an easy rule of thumb I tell consignors - start at 50% of what you paid and adjust up or down, based on quality.  If you paid $7 for a t-shirt at Target and it's still in like-new condition, $3 is what it should be priced.  If you paid $30 for a dress at the Gap and your child only wore it once, then $17 is a great price.  We also strongly encourage you to mark your items to be discounted on Sunday, especially clothes!  We sell tons of clothes on Sunday.
  3. Package your items so shoppers can easily inspect them!   This is mainly goes for blankets, bedding, accessories and cloth diapers.  Hang as much as you can, but if your item is too small, then use safety pins to attach your tag or keep multiple things together.  If a shopper can't easily inspect it, one of two things will happen...they will pull everything out of your bag (which results in missing pieces) or they won't even consider it.
  4. Secure your small items!   This is our biggest challenge at each sale and no matter how hard we try, we end up with boxes of little pieces at the end of the week.  Use clear bags and lots of tape!  Kids want to try out the toys and you should package with that in mind.  We also find it helpful if you note on your tag what is included with your item.  For example "3-Piece Train Set with 10 Small Pieces".  You can hand write this longer description on the back or your tag, if it won't fit on the front. 
  5. Give us a good description!   In the hustle and bustle, tags do fall off.  If you have a good description, we can easily reunite your missing tag with your item, which means it goes back on the floor and has a better chance of selling!  Brand names, brief description (colors/design) and correct sizing is imperative. 

I hope these tips will help you as you start getting ready for The One Week Boutique!


October 4-6, 2019