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Restocking - new for Fall 2012

For each of the last few sales we have had to turn away consignors because of space limitations. Creating a comfortable shopping experience means that we limit the number of items we can accept for each event but after the first day or two of selling we have plenty of room. 

Starting this Fall, we will be bringing in more inventory on Friday to make more items available to shoppers for great prices and to give even more consignors an opportunity to cash in while cleaning out. 

How restocking works

Consignors who register after the normal registration is full will choose a Friday morning check-in time and we will put their items out on the floor before Noon on Friday. 

More space will be available on our shelves, racks and floor by then to accommodate these additional items without crowding. 

If you are a consignor...

We have added restocking details and registration in the Consignor section of our site. Please review the changes applicable to restocking consignors such as item category limitations, reduced consignor fees, and preview sale access. 

For shoppers...

Plan to come back for another look on Friday and/or Saturday as you can expect new items to be available in most product categories. If you weren't planning to shop on Thursday because it is so busy you will have a wider selection after the initial rush than you might have had at previous events. 

It's a new program

Restocking is new for us and the logistics are subject to change as we get this new enhancement up and running. We would appreciate your feedback  on the program and ways we might improve it at any time. 

October 4-6, 2019