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About our new location - Former Dilllard's store at Tallahassee Mall

As you have (hopefully) heard, we are moving to a new location after many years in the former Goody's store. The previous location has been leased by City Church and we wish them the best as they renovate their new home. 

Our new location!

Going forward, we will be operating in the former Dillard's store at the Tallahassee Mall. This is south of our previous location  (towards downtown) at the corner of John Knox and N. Monroe. We will have large banners hung to help you find it.

Our new layout will provide approximately 30% more space to making shopping easier and we will have signage to indicate where everything is within the store. Shoppers at previous sales will be happy to hear that we have working air conditioning in the new location :)

We will be using a portion of the first floor in the southwest corner. Access to upstairs and other unused areas of the store will be blocked. For your safety, please do not try to enter these areas. 


Two entrances will be in use for this event - the one facing N. Monroe (west) and the middle entrance on the John Knox (south) side. There is no entrance to the mall from this location and other exterior entrances will be closed. If you need to access the mall you will need to go outside to a regular mall entrance. Our primary  entrance/exit  will be the one facing John Knox Rd. 


Please use our primary entrance (facing John Knox Rd.) and the adjacent parking during your scheduled drop off time. The entrances are limited to 30" wide so if you have large items plan to drop them off separately on the loading dock around the back of the store. Contact us when you arrive for instructions and assistance with large items.

A limited number of shopping carts, rolling racks and flatbed carts will be available for you to use during checkin. 

Preview Sales

Previously, volunteers and consignors lined up for preview sales inside the mall. Preview sale lines will now form outside in the covered sidewalk area. Each preview sale group should line up in the designated areas on the map. Exterior signage will provide additional guidance. 

Aerial view of Dillards

Check out

The checkout area will be set up just inside the Main Entrance/Exit facing John Knox. 


Our location has plenty of free parking as shaded in blue on the aerial photo above. 


The plumbing in our new location is not in working order so we will be providing restrooms in a portable trailer just outside the store's northernmost exterior door. This will not be an exit and only access to the restrooms will be provided through this door. Of course, the mall restrooms will be available as well. 

Access to the mall

If you would like to visit the mall before or after our event, there are entrances outside our location on both sides. 

Pick up

Please come to the main entrance for pickup between 5:30 and 7:30pm on Sunday. Other entrances will be closed during this time. 

October 4-6, 2019