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In order to speed up entry to our many preview sales, we will be issuing colored wristbands to all volunteers and consignors prior to the preview sale day (Wednesday, October 12th).  Everyone who enters the preview sale will need to be wearing the appropriate color wristband. If you are a volunteer only who is not working a shift until later in the week you will need to come by sometime during consignor check-in (Sunday through Tuesday) to receive your wristband.

Additionally, no guests will be allowed for the volunteer or consignor preview sales.  This applies to spouses, kids, grandparents, etc. Only the volunteer or consignor with a wristband may enter the sale.   Guest passes will be available for purchase for $10.  Each volunteer or consignor can purchase 1 Guest Pass for someone to shop starting at 5:00 Wednesday night.

Just as a reminder, the Preview Sale schedule for Wednesday is as follows:

  • 2:00 -- Super + Volunteers (you must be working 4 HIGH priority or 6 regular shifts to qualify for this sale)
  • 3:00 -- Super Volunteers (you must be working 3 HIGH priority or 4 regular shifts to qualify for this sale)
  • 4:00 -- Volunteers (you must be working 1 HIGH priority or 2 regular shifts to qualify for this sale)
  • 5:00 -- Consignor Preview Sale
  • 6:00 -- New Mom Preview Sale

After each sale we spend time evaluating our processes and gathering feedback from consignors, volunteers, and shoppers.  Below you will see some of the expected changes and additions for this upcoming sale, our 11th The One Week Boutique!

Updated Schedule

Four public sale days with extended hours! The popular Half Price Sale is moved back to Sunday 10-2 and consignor pick up will remain on Sunday night after the sorting of unsold items. Check out the full schedule on the Events Page. 

Improved Quality Control and Check-Out Speed

Improvements from check-in to check-out are planned.  At this sale  we are focusing on increasing quality.   As a result, consignors will notice consistent controls on clothing and packaging requirements at check-in, more volunteer training, newly designated "Inspectors" and a host of other adjustments. Check-out procedures will also be improved to account for items sold and speed up the check-out process. 

"Premium Protection" Offered

Once a consignor has checked in her inventory, she will be offered an opportunity to register any high-value items such as video games, purses, strollers, dresses, and other items over $10. These items will receive a second inspection and will be uniquely registered. Many will receive additional security measures. If these items are not accounted for at the conclusion of the sale, TOWB will reimburse consignors for the sale of the items. Items not registered with "Premium Protection" will not be reimbursed.

"Super+" Volunteer Sale Added

The response to our "Super Volunteer Sale" in the Spring was so great that we've added another volunteer level with an associated early shopping opportunity called "Super+".

  • To shop the Volunteer Preview Sale you must volunteer for 1 HIGH Priority shift or 2 REGULAR shifts.  You may then shop starting at 4:00pm on Wednesday, October 12th.
  • To qualify as a Super Volunteer  you must volunteer for 3 HIGH Priority or 4 REGULAR shifts.  You may then shop starting at 3:00pm on Wednesday, October 12th.
  • To qualify as a Super+ Volunteer  you must volunteer for 4 HIGH Priority or 6 REGULAR shifts.  You may then shop starting at 2:00pm on Wednesday, October 12th.

Check out the details on the Volunteers Page. 

T-Shirts and Shopping Bags

The One Week Boutique will be offering t-shirts for $10 and reusable shopping bags for $1 on-site throughout the sale. 

October 4-6, 2019