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There are many aspects of our sale that are rewarding and make the management of The One Week Boutique so worthwhile.  We like giving families a way to find great bargains on items they want and need for their little ones.  We like providing a way to recycle clothing and toys that our little people use so briefly.  We love providing a way for families to make some money!  But, even with all these things, truly the most gratifying part of the sale is when we donate items to local charities.

The charities we work with are always so appreciative of the donations they receive.  They send volunteers to the sale site on the last night of the sale to pack up all the items marked for donation.  They then sort and organize these items and find specific families in need who will benefit from our donations.  An important requirement for an organization to receive donations from us is that they must give the items to families directly.  They do not re-sell our donations.  

After every sale we receive notes of gratitude from these organizations letting us know how many people have been helped by the donations from The One Week Boutique.  As another sale is approaching we’d really like all of our consignors to consider donating as many unsold items as possible.   We understand that there are always a few things that consignors want back if they don’t sell.  But, please, please consider all the small clothing items that you mark for just a couple of dollars, and think how much a few items of clothing could help someone who has virtually nothing.

The PHI (Pregnancy Help and Information) Center has been our longest charity partner.  Since our first sale in August of 2006, we have worked with PHI to provide donations.  The PHI Center offers support and classes for women who are pregnant, as well as for their partners. They have a unique system where clients earn credits to pick out items from their donation room, known as the Stork Room.  “The donations we receive from you really sustain us,” said Karen Luger, director of client services at PHI.  “Your items fill such a huge need for us, and provide for so many families.  We are always extremely grateful for everything we get from The One Week Boutique.”  Karen has mentioned that tiny baby clothes, and infant and toddler boy clothes, are always high on their list of needs.

Another organization that has been a recipient of our donations almost since the beginning of The One Week Boutique is Brehon Family Services.  This non-profit organization provides assistance to pregnant women and families with young children who are experiencing challenging life situations.  There is also a house known as Brehon House where homeless pregnant women can live and receive case management services, career counseling, assistance finding housing, and parenting training.  Our donations go to serve Brehon clients in both the Brehon House as well as out in our community.  Again, these items are given directly to clients. 

Over the years we have also donated items to a variety of other well-deserving organizations including the Refuge House, Christmas Connection, the Pediatric ICU and the Zeta Phi Beta community baby shower, to name a few.  After each sale we take books to the Early Learning Coalition and donate clothing to local schools to keep in their “rainy day” closets.  The items that consignors choose to donate truly reach all corners of our community. 

So, as you all work to tag and price your clothing, please also think about marking “donate” on your tags.  That way, if any of your items go unsold, you will know that they will find a good home in our own community!

October 4-6, 2019