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If you are a regular consignor, you might have some card stock left over from the previous sales, but if you need to get some more for this sale, here are some ideas:

  • Office supply store: You can get packs of card stock (65 lb-110 lb index) at Office Depot , Staples, etc. They are usually sold in packs of 250 sheets or more, and average between $10-15.
  • Copy shop (cheapest): Stop by Kinko's or any other local copy shop and buy as many individual sheets of blank card stock as you need. We did this and got 25 sheets for $1.83 at our local copy shop (ironically called "The Copy Shop").
  • Share with another consignor: If you have some friends or neighbors who are also consignors, you could share a pack of card stock with them. Remember that you get 8 tags per sheet, so most consignors will only need about 10-20 sheets.

Remember that it is important that you use card stock for your tags:

  • If the tag is torn or lost, we cannot sell your item
  • If the tag is damaged or won't scan, that can slow down checkout
  • Make sure the card stock is white or a light color - for the bar code to scan it needs to have high contrast

Good luck tagging!

October 4-6, 2019