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When Tagging today I came across a few tips to pass along:

  • If the size of your item is a single size and not given as a range, tag it in the next higher size group. For example, if you have a jacket marked as 18 months, tag it using the 18-24 month option. If you have 12m pants, tag them as 12-18 months.
  • If you have something from Hanna Andersson try to tag it with the size that you know your child wore it at. You could also put the Hanna size in parenthesis in the description.
  • If you have 2 items that make a cute outfit put them together. I had some Zutano leggings and jackets that are mix and match but look cute hanging together in an already made outfit.
  • Remember the season -- I have to admit I marked my jackets and sweatshirts a couple of dollars higher than I probably would have in the spring. And I didn't price the tank tops as high as I might have. People certainly shop all year for all seasons but we are going into Fall and Winter.

Feel free to post other helpful tagging tips here for others...

All of the available volunteer opportunities for Sept. 27, Sept. 30 and Oct 4 have been filled up - thanks for all of the interest!

There are still plenty of other opportunities available on the schedule, so please check for times that fit in your schedule soon, before your chance at shopping during our Volunteer Preview sale hours disappear!

If you are a regular consignor, you might have some card stock left over from the previous sales, but if you need to get some more for this sale, here are some ideas:

  • Office supply store: You can get packs of card stock (65 lb-110 lb index) at Office Depot , Staples, etc. They are usually sold in packs of 250 sheets or more, and average between $10-15.
  • Copy shop (cheapest): Stop by Kinko's or any other local copy shop and buy as many individual sheets of blank card stock as you need. We did this and got 25 sheets for $1.83 at our local copy shop (ironically called "The Copy Shop").
  • Share with another consignor: If you have some friends or neighbors who are also consignors, you could share a pack of card stock with them. Remember that you get 8 tags per sheet, so most consignors will only need about 10-20 sheets.

Remember that it is important that you use card stock for your tags:

  • If the tag is torn or lost, we cannot sell your item
  • If the tag is damaged or won't scan, that can slow down checkout
  • Make sure the card stock is white or a light color - for the bar code to scan it needs to have high contrast

Good luck tagging!

I also tackled the play room this week and added a few more games and toys to the boutique closet. Since my boys are 7 and 9 we don't go through toys as fast. They still like their legos, tinker toys, Lincoln logs and race tracks. I could probably lighten our load of Star Wars figures and light sabers but as soon as I did they would hit another Star Wars phase. Maybe next sale.

Since my 3-year-old is now in a big girl bed I will most likely be parting with the crib and changing table at this sale. That's a little bit more emotional than ridding the house of extraneous toys, but it also means we are moving to a new phase around here -- no more babies!!

So, while I haven't entered or printed one tag yet, I have started the process and at least have an idea of how much I have to sell. Hopefully this week I will move to the next step. For me that means dragging my movable rack and all the clothing into my computer room, sorting it by size and gender, and creating the tags in the order that things are hanging. I put the toys in big rubbermaid containers and do the same.

Since the sale is still over a month away I will probably make one more pass through all the closets. But, if I can at least get through all the things I have put aside now I won't mind tagging a few things closer to the start of the event. And, if things get crazy (like I know they will) and I don't get anything else tagged I will know that most of what needed to be passed along is ready. And, there's always the spring sale!

Registration for our Fall event has been open for about 10 days now and we are excited by the number of consignors already registered. It's nice to see so many familiar folks returning and equally exciting to have new people joining us. Word of mouth has definitely been one of our best ways of marketing and expanding our sale so we appreciate everyone spreading the word.

It's hard to believe this is our 7th sale! Three years ago this week we were opening up our first sale at Goodwood in an 800 square foot cottage. Cindi and I have a lot of fun memories about that sale including calling our husbands after the first day of check-in telling them to make a plan to build more racks. We were overwhelmed with the number of items we received! We also had a rainy Preview Sale which was unfortunate as we had big items set up outside. On a personal note, that week I had my first child with a broken bone and Cindi had a minor fender-bender while out running errands for the Boutique. All in all, though, the event was a success and here we are 3 years later!

With each subsequent sale we have tried to re-evaluate and offer things that improve the experience for shoppers and consignors alike. This will be our 3rd sale using the online tagging software . We have heard only positive things from our consignors about doing tags on-line. Albeit, there are always some questions that arise, I think everyone appreciates the uniform look of the tags and consignors especially like being able to log-on each night to gauge their earnings. I hope that anyone that finds this blog will ask questions and/or offer advice or suggestions to those needing it regarding tagging.

For this sale we are offering some Sunday check-in hours . We're hoping that those hours will be a good option for working consignors or people who want to come without bringing the kids along. If you are a consignor don't forget that you need to sign up for a check-in time on-line.

With every sale we have increased our marketing efforts and have tried to think of new ways to incorporate new sponsors and reach more families. We're always open to suggestions in these areas.

I'm hoping to use this blog as a way to update anyone who is interested on extra event details as the sale nears, as well as offer a forum for those that might have questions or suggestions. We'll see how it goes. Feel free to post any comments about The One Week Boutique.


October 4-6, 2019