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 With less than a month to go before sale week we wanted to touch base with you to remind you of a few important policies and highlight a few changes for this sale.  We are excited at the pace of consignor registration and, as a result, anticipate closing registration within the next couple of weeks.  So, if you have any friends who are considering consigning remind them to register now!

Changes for this Sale

  • The biggest change that affects you, our consignors, is that we will be sorting unsold items at the completion of the sale.  When you come to pick-up on Sunday your items will all be organized by number and easy to find.  Also for the first time, profit checks will be available at consignor pick-up on Sunday, March 13th from 4-6pm. 
  • The Half Price Sale will now be held on Saturday, not Sunday.  Please spread the word about this change.  Volunteers will be invited to shop from 10-noon on Saturday, and the Public Half Price Sale will be held from noon-6pm on Saturday, March 12th .


  • You must register for a check-in time to drop off your items.  Please log-in to your account now to sign up for a time.  Anyone without a check-in time will be asked to leave and return at the next available time.
  • Please follow the tagging guidelines carefully to insure that your items are accepted at check-in and to increase the likelihood that your items will sell. http://www.theoneweekboutique.com/Consignors/Tagging
  • Your clothing items must be on hangers.   One hundred (100) clothing items will be accepted per consignor.  Twenty-five (25) maternity items will be accepted per consignor.  Ten (10) pairs of shoes will be accepted per consignor.
  • If toys or games require batteries the consignor must provide them.  This includes infant bouncy chairs and swings.
  • You must carefully check the recall list for recalled items. www.cpsc.gov


If you feel like you are running out of time to get your things ready for The One Week Boutique then our Concierge Service may be just what you need.  You provide the items and any necessary hangers and leave the pricing, tagging, and delivery to the sale to us.  You can even approve the prices before tags are printed.  Spaces are limited.  www.theoneweekboutique.com/Consignors/Concierge-Service

Remember to download and print a flyer and post it where potential customers will see it.  You are our best marketing tool so please spread the word about The One Week Boutique!

We’ll see you all soon!

October 4-6, 2019