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Earn Money • Earn an Early Shopping Pass •  Help Us Sell Your Stuff • Work When You Choose


Team Members are critical to the success of The One Week Boutique. About a month before the sale, you can log into your account to choose from the available shift times and tasks. If you want to sign up for two shifts at the same time (you and your spouse want to help together), please email us and we will set that up for you. For every shift you choose to work, you will be entered into a chance to win 100% of your sales. 


  • Choose your own shift schedule and responsibilities, but please do not sign up for a shift unless you are sure you can be there.  Any team member not showing up will not be able to participate in future sales.
  • You will not be able to delete shifts the day before or day of  your commitment as we need time to fill it.  We understand emergencies happen, so please just email us if something comes up or feel free to send someone else to fulfill your obligation. 

There are THREE LEVELS of commitment, each with different benefits:

  • Green Level ...to earn an early shopping pass to enter at 4:00 ($30 value), you must sign up for at least one  shift.  You will also earn 70% of your sales, instead of the standard 65%.
  • Blue Level ...to earn an early shopping pass to enter 3:00 ($60 value), you must sign up for at least two  shifts.  You will also earn 70% of your sales.
  • Pink Level ...to earn an early shopping pass to enter at 2:00 ($100 value), you must sign up for four shifts.  You will also earn 70% of your sales and Boutique Bucks.  We do ask that you don't sign up for more than 10 shifts.

Boutique Bucks

Team Members become eligible to earn BOUTIQUE BUCKS after completing three 3-hour shifts. $10.00 in Boutique Bucks are earned for each additional shift, beginning with your 4th shift, to be spent at this sale. 

Invite a Friend to Shop Early

Each team member will receive a wristband ($10 value) to invite a friend to SHOP EARLY on Thursday at 5:00.

Free Babysitting

We are ONLY offering free babysitting through Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency  on Wednesday (8:30-5:30) .  Any child between the ages of 1-12 is eligible to participate.  Because spaces are limited , we are asking that you only utilize this service for ONE shift and only bring up to TWO children.  We want to reach as many team members as we can.  The sitters will be located inside an empty conference room at the sale site.  Please make sure your child will be comfortable with this set-up before you reserve your spot AND bring snacks, toys, drinks, etc. with your child's name clearly labeled.  RESERVATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.

Notes for Team Members

  • Shift selections are first come, first served.  If you don't see a shift or time that works for your schedule, email us.  We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Not a consignor?  Unfortunately, due to regulations we cannot allow non-consignors to be team members at this event, but we may be able to at future events.
  • No children are allowed to accompany team members during their shifts due to our insurance requirements.
  • We love babies!  So, if you can "wear" your baby for your entire shift you are welcome to for one shift one per day.  
  • You may send someone else to work your shift for you if you can't make it.  Just let us know in advance who is coming on your behalf.
  • No more than 10 shifts per event per team member. 

Team Member Opportunities

The One Week Boutique cannot provide top notch service without the help of our team members.  Choose how you want to participate from the tasks outlined below. Generally, the work consists of assisting other consignors with check-in, sorting merchandise, assisting customers on the floor or helping customers purchase items. It's easy, it's fun, and it makes for a faster, friendlier shopping experience.

Consignor Drop-Off:

  • Make sure your appointment is not during your shift.
  • Helping consignors bring in their items.
  • Checking in consignor's items.
  • Once items have been screened, placing items in the designated areas on the sales floor.
  • Keeping the sales floor neat and organized.

Sale Days:

  • Assisting shoppers on the sales floor.
  • Assisting at check-out.
  • Helping shoppers to their vehicles.
  • Keeping the sales floor neat and organized.

Husband Hours:

  • Move fixtures, tables, shelves, racks for sale setup and take down.
  • Unload/load our storage trailer.
  • Help shoppers carry heavy items.

Sale Set-Up:

  • Ensuring all clothing is in the correct gender and size designations.
  • Ensuring all toys, equipment and other items are in their designated areas.
  • Assisting with the overall organization of the sales floor.


  • Find and set aside items marked for donation.
  • Organize unsold items to make consignor pick-up as easy as possible.
  • Help consignors locate their items.
  • Help break down the sales floor. 
October 4-6, 2019