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New Consignor

If you have not been a consignor at The One Week Boutique before, getting started is easy. Just join the sale using the button below to start entering items into your inventory! The organizational fee is due upon registration. 

Returning Consignors

Previous consignors Log In to register for the current sale and manage your items using your existing MyCM Consignor Account. You may also log in to choose volunteer shifts or set a check-in appointment once they are posted.

How to Tag

Tagging Deadline - Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:00 A.M.

You can continue to print tags after this deadline, but all your inventory must be entered.

To tag your items you will need some supplies:

  • Child sized hangers for clothing, plastic or wire.  Adult size hangers only for bigger kid clothing.
  • White card stock for printing out your tags - 60 or 67 lb is the best.  If you don't need a full pack, copy shops sell it by the sheet or split a pack with friends.  Do not use paper! 
  • Safety pins no larger than 1 inch in size for clothing (no straight pins - they can easily come loose).
  • If you use a tagging gun, make sure it's small and you attach the tag into a seam.  Do not put holes in your garments!
  • Packing tape for attaching tags to toys, books etc. (no scotch tape).
  • Ziploc bags in various sizes for shoes and to group toys or books together
  • Zip ties for shoes or to secure multiple pieces together.

Place all garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left  (so it looks like a question mark). If you have a set, safety pin the set together on the hanger to ensure they stay together. Keep those cute hats, booties, and pants with their partners!

Follow the tagging instructions completely. When you register you will be instructed on how to use our tagging software which is simple and a great time-saver. Print your tags on 8.5x11 white card stock, cut them (there are 8 tags per sheet) and attach to your items.  Items not tagged according to instructions will be returned at Check-In.


Making sure your tags will scan correctly

To ensure proper scanning of your items during the sale, make sure the:

  • Barcodes on your tags are clear, and you can see the spaces between the bars.
  • The 8 tags should print using the ENTIRE page . Check your printer settings if this isn't happening.
  • Printing has enough contrast for the scanner to read (don't print with faded ink or on dark colored or linen papers).
  • Tags must be printed on card stock  to be durable enough for the sale. Regular paper tags tear too easily. 

Make sure your tags do not look like these photos of previous "bad tag" examples .

Tag Example

Example Tag

Tag Information

All tags must contain the following information:

  • consignor number (automatically added)
  • size of item
  • description (up to 2 lines)
  • category
  • price
  • donate/no donate
  • discount/no discount

You will be prompted to enter the appropriate information when creating your tags online. If you have questions about the tagging process for this sale, please contact us .

Attaching Your Tags

When shoppers are browsing your items on the racks, they will be looking for tags in the same location on each item.  The top, right side of each garment. Keeping them in a consistent place greatly increases shopper's ease of making their selections and prevents any scanning mistakes at check-out.  

It is acceptable to use a tagging gun, instead of safety pins, BUT USE CAUTION!  Tagging guns can leave a hole if they aren't small.  Please affix the tag in a seam or under the collar.  The tag must hang in the top right of each garment as shown below.  Fine garment tagging guns use smaller needles.


Attach your card vertically to top right of each garment as you are looking at the front with a safety pin. Place the pin along the top of the tag -- not through the necessary information.

Example of how to attach tags

Example of how to attach tags


If you don't use a pants hanger, be sure you pin the pants to the top of the hanger.  This will ensure they do not easily fall off. DO NOT FOLD YOUR PANTS OVER A HANGER. 

Sets or Outfits

For sets, hang the shirt as you normally would, then turn it over and pin the pants on the outside of the shirt.  Run the pin through so you can catch the hanger, also.  This allows the shopper to see the pants easily and prevents them from coming apart from the shirt.

For items that have matching accessories (hats, booties, etc.): Either pin the item to the hanging garment or place the item(s) in a Ziploc style bag and pin the bag to the hanging item. Please take special precautions to ensure these items do not come loose from the hanger.


Toys and equipment should be securely tagged with clear packing tape across the tag. Items containing small parts may be placed in a Ziploc-type bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.


Shoes must be limited to your 10 highest quality pairs, no exceptions!   Shoes can be placed in a Ziploc-type bag or secured together using a zip tie. Tags must be taped to OUTSIDE of the bag or secured with a zip tie.  

Blankets/Towels/Crib Sheets

These items sell best if they are hung.  Please make sure your item is secured to the hanger with two safety pins (at each corner) to assure they won't slip off.  If your item is too large for a hanger, you may use Ziploc-type bags. Attach you tag where it is easily visible to a shopper.


Utilize the following sizing groups: (NOTE: If an item is sized at 6 months, tag it in the 6-12 month category, and the same for other size groups.)

  • Newborn (include Preemies here)
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months (include 9 months here)
  • 12-18 months
  • 18-24 months
  • 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T
  • 6, 6x, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 12, 14


You will be able to choose prices in whole dollar increments starting at $2.00. For more details on pricing, please see our pricing guidelines .

Discount - Half-Price Sale

When you create your tags you will indicate if you want your items to be discounted at our Half-Price Sale. If you do not want items to go half off they will still be available for purchase at full price. We suggest you try to minimize items excluded from the half price sale in an attempt to make as much money as possible.

Marking Items for Donation

The One Week Boutique will donate our unsold items (not picked up by the consignor) at the conclusion of the week to local charities .  The items marked to donate will be pulled first (once the sale ends) as our charities arrive on Sunday to pick up donations.  When you create your tags you will indicate whether you want items donated or not. If you do not wish to donate unsold items you are responsible for picking those items up during the designated time on the Event Schedule . Any items not claimed at that time will be donated . NO EXCEPTIONS

If you select the option to donate your items at the conclusion of the sale, your tags will automatically select the "discount" option . this will increase the likelihood that your items sell at the Sunday Half-Price Sale.

Any consignor marking all of their items to be donated, will be entered into a drawing to receive 100% of their profits.  Just let us know at drop off!

April 26-28, 2019