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New for Fall 2017

This Fall, we are making a few changes to encourage more volunteer participation so we can continue to run an event that results in great sales for our consignors. Our volunteer engagement has been on the decline and we are preparing for the possibility of hiring employees to work more of the event operations. 

  • Consignor Percentage ...all consignors will earn 65% of their sales.  All volunteers will earn 70% of their sales.
  • Simplified Volunteer Levels ...now just two levels with extended early shopping time.
    • Regular Volunteers : Shop the preview sale starting at 3:30pm and earn 70% of your consignor sales.  You just have to work 1 high priority or 2 regular shifts to be a regular volunteer.
    • Super Volunteers : Shop the preview sale starting at 2:00pm, earn 70% of your consignor sales and receive a minimum of $20 Boutique Bucks.  You have to work 5 high priority shifts or 7 regular shifts to qualify. 
    • Also, all volunteers get to shop early at the half-price preview sale on Saturday.
  • Grouping Items at Drop Off ...to help make our drop-of process more efficient:
  • if you have lots of clothing items of the same size and gender, please rubber band or wire-tie the hangers together to help us get them out of your vehicle and on the correct size rack easier.
  • if you have toys, books, shoes or other items that would all go out on the floor together, keep them together in a box or bag to streamline the process of getting them out on the floor. Please bring boxes or containers that you don't want back.
  • Consignor Pick-Up ...Sunday, October 8th, 5:30pm-7:00pm.  All unsold items must be cleared from the sales floor BEFORE 7:00pm.

If you have any questions about the changes, please review the updated information on the website or contact us

October 5-8, 2017