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Consignor FAQ

Frequent Questions and Answers

  1. Why should I consign with The One Week Boutique?

    It's easy! You tag your items and drop them off. We do all the rest! The One Week Boutique has hosted over 20 seasonal consignment sales in Tallahassee.  It's an easy way that local families can earn some extra cash and find excellent deals on quality kids stuff. Try it once and you'll be hooked! Plus, consignors get access to shop at our exclusive Consignor Preview Sale to get the best deals and the largest selection.

  2. How often do you host The One Week Boutique?

    We host sales twice a year - one week in the Spring and one week in the Fall. 

  3. What's the deal with hanging clothes/hangers?

    • All clothing must be hung on hangers. Hangers must face left, make sure they look like question marks.
    • Pants should be hung by either pants clips or pinned to the TOP of the hanger. They should not be folded over the hanger. Shoppers want to see and inspect the clothes.
    • Adult hangers are fine for larger sizes.
    • Hangers are sold with the items. You will not get them back.
  4. Can I send someone else to pick up my items and check?

    Yes, but please know that someone else will not be familiar with your items and it can be frustrating for them. Before we begin pick up, you must email us with your name, consignor number and who is coming to pick up. You must also state whether they are also allowed to get your check. The email must come from your registered email address to checks@theoneweekboutique.com , not through our web contact form. Please check the schedule  - anything left after pickup closes will be donated  (immediately). 

  5. What if I don’t come to pick up?

    All of your unsold items will be automatically donated to wonderful local charities that use your donated items in their mission (not for resale). Checks are mailed within 2-3 days to the address on your account. 

  6. What can I expect at pick up?

    Once you receive the email with your final sale numbers, log onto your account and print out a list of items that you want to pick up. Go to “Manage Inventory ” and click on the “Reports” tab. Your inventory list will appear. Click on the “Status” column, filter to show unsold and un- donated items and click “Refresh”. The “Inventory Report” is printer friendly.

    When you arrive; you will visit each area to locate your unsold items. Clothing racks are beginning to come down, so most things are on rolling racks with signs. Everything is still divided by size and gender. During the sale, clothing may end up in the wrong size so check all the racks. It should be easy to recognize your items. Finally, check our pulled area. This is where we organize all items that were pulled for various reasons or had a missing tag. We have team members available to help consignors find their items.

    If you still can’t find your unsold item and have a copy of your inventory, please request a missing item form so we can take a second look before our charities arrive. As stated on your consignor agreement, we are not responsible for any missing items, but we always do our best to help you find it. If you have a lot of unsold items, come early to give you plenty of time!

  7. Where do we line up for the Preview Sales?

    On the main entry level of the Civic Center  (where the ticket windows are) we will have signs indicating where to line up. We suggest arriving early if you need guest passes.
    Only team members shop during their preview sales. No guests (which includes your husband, mother or babysitter). You can purchase one guest pass for them to enter with the consignors. Each person over the age of 16 must have a wristband to enter.

  8. What happens to my items that don’t pass inspection?

    Any item that doesn’t pass the first round of inspections gets a second look. If it still doesn’t pass it will either go straight to donate or stored until pickup. Beginning this sale, we are scanning each item that is rejected so we can be aware of consignors that may need some extra instructions. Before you spend time creating a tag and transporting your item, make sure it turns on, has all the pieces it came with or isn’t stained/dirty. 

  9. What can I expect at drop off?

    We have consignors coming every 15 minutes and arriving ON TIME for your appointment keeps the line moving. Upon arrival, we will mark you off the list, ask a few simple questions and give you the early shopping wristbands. This is also the time you can purchase a preview sale  pass for your guest. $10 for preview and $5 for 1/2 price preview.

    With our Drop & Go Drop off process , you will remain in your car and our team members will grab all of your items and bring them in to put out on the floor. There are some exceptions, including furniture and pack and plays.  

    Please allow 20-30 minutes for the entire process. 

  10. How do I bring everything else (besides clothes) to drop off?

    Putting your items in boxes that we don’t have to return is best. We’d also love it if you put like items together - such as all the books in one box, toys in another, shoes in another. If you have anything that needs to be assembled, we ask that you park and come inside to put it together. 

  11. How do I bring my clothes to drop off?

    Please group your like sizes together (by gender) with rubber bands or something easy to remove. We need to be able to quickly put them on the sales floor, in the right spot.

    Robber banded clothing in like size groups
  12. What should I do before I load my car?

    Check to make sure all your battery operated items turn on. We pull so many items without batteries. Shoppers won’t buy something they can’t turn on! Also, take a few minutes to clean your plastic items, even if it’s an outside toy. Magic erasers are miracle workers. 

  13. How should my tags look?

    The system will print your tags 8 to a page. Make sure your printer is set to 100% so they are full size and that the 8 tags fill up the entire sheet. If you’re unsure, just print one page as a test. Your tags should look like the ones pictured on the LEFT. If they are too small, the barcodes aren’t clear and may not scan. See more about printing tags that scan ...tags that don't scan are a frequent cause of "missing items" and make the checkout process slower. 

    One tag printed correctly (with landscape page orientation) and one printed too small
  14. What’s the best way to hang pants?

    A pants hanger (with metal clips) work best, but if you don’t have those then grab a regular hanger and two large safety pins. Insert a safety pin on the left and right side and attach to the TOP piece of the hanger. If you pin to the bottom, they will slide and bunch and shoppers will ignore them. You can also use small zip ties through your belt loops.

    Hang pants with two safety pins on a regular hanger
  15. What’s the fastest way to enter my inventory?

    First, sort all your clothing by gender . Then, sort by size . Finally, sort by brand/type . This will make sense when you start entering because each of these fields will stay filled until you change it. Keep items in order as the tags are printed in the same order you enter them. For everything else, sort your like categories together and enter those. By not having to change the fields that are auto-filled, you save time and prevent mistakes. When you bring the items to drop off, it helps if the like gender/size clothing items are rubber-banded together and non-clothing items are boxed by category. That way your items will make it out on to the sales floor together making pickup easier. 

  16. What supplies do I need to start tagging?

    You need:

    • hangers
    • safety pins
    • plastic storage bags (various sizes)
    • card stock
    • zip ties
    • clear packing tape
    • a computer

    Start early gathering what you need. You can find great deals on hangers and pins at Walmart and Dollar General . Old Navy sometimes will give you free hangers. You also can purchase card stock by the sheet at any local print shop or split a pack with a friend. Remember to save your pins and hangers from anything you buy during the sale. 

  17. How do I get to shop early?

    All consignors get to shop the night before we open to the public starting at 5:00pm , but our team members get to shop first. 

    Which of these items do you think the earliest shoppers chose to buy?

    Similar items priced differently
  18. How can I earn more money?

    All consignors earn 65% of their selling price. You can earn 70% by joining our team   and working one 3-hour shift. We offer shifts at all times during the sale, but if you don’t see one that works with your schedule, email us . We’ll do our best to create a shift for you. You are also welcome to send your husband, mom or friend to work a shift under your account. Available shifts will be loaded in MyCM  approximately 30 days before the sale starts. 

October 4-6, 2019