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Acceptable Items

The One Week Boutique will be very selective of the items we accept and standards will be strictly enforced.




Quality is important. Items that are stained, too worn, have missing buttons or broken zippers, or are out of style will not be accepted at check-in.  Items must be clean, free of odors and pet hair.  If you wouldn't buy it, please don't bring it! 

IF BATTERIES ARE REQUIRED THEY MUST BE INCLUDED.  Items will be tested and rejected if batteries are missing and we cannot confirm items work. 

Acceptable Items:

  • Quality Children’s Clothing. Gently used, high quality clothing is accepted in sizes newborn through children’s size 14. 2-piece sets priced together counts as one item.  See below for clothing items we are not accepting.
  • Costumes.   Gently used costumes are accepted in the same sizes as clothing -- NB up to size 14.  They are not included in your clothing limit.
  • Toys and Equipment. Toys and baby equipment must be clean, have all parts and be in good working order with batteries.
  • Car Seats. Car seats must have been manufactured in the last 5 years and never been involved in an accident.  Cover and belts should be clean.  A copy of the manufacturer's instructions must accompany each seat.  If you don't have that, you can download and print a copy from the manufacturer's web site. Please ensure your car seat has not been recalled . A car seat check-list which verifies the condition of the seat must accompany every car seat. You can download it here and bring it to check-in.
    application/pdfCarSeatForm.pdf 94.02 kB
  • Children’s Books and DVDs.  (No VHS Tapes) Check all books for missing or torn pages. All DVDs must be in original case.
  • Children’s Furniture . ALL furniture must have been manufactured within the last 5 years and must be fully assembled. Check the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission's website to ensure your item has not been recalled at www.cpsc.gov.  
  • Blankets, Towels and Crib Sheets.  Gently used, high quality items are accepted.  Hang individual items on a hanger, instead of putting them in a bag.  They sell better if a shopper can inspect them.  If an item is too large to be hung, you may use clear bags, with the tag taped to the outside.
  • Nursery and Children's Bedding . All bedding should be clean and placed in large, clear plastic bags if possible. Ziploc makes a large and extra large style that would be excellent. Or you can hang your bedding on large hangers.  If bedding contains multiple pieces (bumper pad, dust ruffle, blanket, etc.) please list all items on the tag.
  • Children's Room Decor.   This includes decorative accessories, lamps and wall decor.  
  • Shoes. We only accept like-new condition shoes up to adult size 8 - please no heels or obvious adult-looking shoes.  They must be packaged in clear bags, with the tag attached to the outside or they can be secured together with a zip tie with the tag also secured that way, too.  You may also seal your bags with tape to deter anyone from opening them.  If a shopper requests to open a bag, our volunteers will make sure it gets sealed back again.  Do not bring them in shoe boxes.  Please make sure the sizes are the same.  If the shoes are too large for a bag, then make sure they are secured together.  Limited to 10 pairs - this includes slippers and swim shoes.
  • Cloth Diapers.  Only unstained cloth diapers and accessories will be accepted.  For quicker inspection, please pin multiple pieces together instead of using plastic bags.  Items in plastic bags will be opened and inspected at drop-off.
  • Sporting Equipment.   Bring us your gently used equipment to include sports balls, bats, golf clubs, ski clothes, game tables, uniform pants, shin guards, etc. 

Unacceptable Items:

  • Any recalled items. (Check www.cpsc.gov  for a complete list or use our search box below) **CONSIGNORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THEY ARE NOT SELLING ANY RECALLED ITEMS** Also, check this list of recalled car seats
  • Any crib manufactured BEFORE JUNE 2011  due to CPSC new crib regulations .
  • Bathing suits and cover-ups.
  • Tank tops.
  • Clothing items with thin "spaghetti" style straps.
  • T-Shirts with School Names, Races, Festivals or Similar Wording (this does not include college themed clothing).
  • Toys or Books from Kids Meals, either alone or in plastic bags.  
  • Breast pumps with open pumping systems (including Medela's Pump in Style).  You can easily search online to see if your pump is a closed system.
  • Worn or out-of-date clothing. (including any item with excessive wear, pilling or stretching). 
  • Stuffed animals (musical or stuffed animals that "do" something will be accepted). 
  • Handmade clothing or toys, due to safety reasons.
  • Underwear - unless new in package.
  • Socks - unless new in package.
  • Maternity Clothing 
  • Women's Purses
  • Adult clothing.  Only children size 14 (Youth XL) or under will be accepted.  Please do not bring Adult Small to pass as larger children's sizes.
  • Bottles and pacifiers - unless new in package.
  • Walkers with wheels.

Consignors are responsible for ensuring that their items have not been subject to a product recall. To make your search even easier, we have added this search engine to check your products against the CPSC database. Check all items including clothing.

October 5-8, 2017