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Returning Consignors

Previous consignors Log In to register for the current sale and manage your items using your existing MyCM Consignor Account. You may also log in to choose volunteer shifts or set a check-in appointment once they are posted.

New Consignor

If you have not been a consignor at The One Week Boutique before, getting started is easy. Just join the sale using the button below to start entering items into your inventory! The organizational fee is due upon registration. 

How to Consign

The One Week Boutique is a great way to make extra money and shop for quality kids' stuff at deeply discounted prices. You set the selling price and keep 65%. You’ll have early access to our huge inventory to shop during our exclusive Preview Sale .  

Each consignor is responsible for pricing  and tagging  items in accordance with our guidelines. When you register you will gain access to our tagging software which is simple and easy to follow.  Each consignor is required to consign at least $50. worth of merchandise to shop the preview sale.

Consignors will deliver all their items  to The One Week Boutique location  during our designated drop off times . Please follow ALL of our pricing and tagging guidelines exactly.  We only accept quality items .   Check for excessive wear and stains.  How much money you make is based on the QUALITY and PRICING of your items.

Organizational Fee

A $10 organizational fee will be charged to each consignor. This amount will be due upon registering and is non-refundable.  

Premium Protection

The One Week Boutique offers Premium Protection  on any items priced at $15.00 or over.  These items receive a second inspection and will be uniquely registered. Many will receive additional security measures. If these items are not accounted for at the conclusion of the sale, TOWB will reimburse consignors for the item.  

Conditions of making a premium protection claim:

  • You must park and bring your items to our special area set up inside to be scanned.
  • You must pick up your items yourself.  You cannot designate someone else to pick up for you.
  • The item must not be marked Donate on the tag.
  • You must put in your claim on Sunday, with one of the sale owners, before pick-up ends.

Half-Price Sale and Donations

The One Week Boutique includes a Half-Price Sale on the last day of the event. All unsold items will be marked down to half price during these hours unless otherwise indicated (i.e. if you mark your items for No Discount).  All consignors who mark ALL of their items to donate will be entered into a drawing to win 100% of their profit.  Just be sure to tell our welcome volunteer at drop off so she can get your name on the list!  

At the end of the half price sale, you can pick up your unsold items  if you wish, or we will donate them to a well-deserved, local charity .

April 26-28, 2019