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Volunteers and Consignors Shop First at Preview Sales

Our Preview Sales are held before the sale opens to the public for our volunteers and consignors. Each consignor will receive one Preview Sale Wristband at check-in.  This wristband must be on your wrist to be admitted to the preview sale.  If you wish to bring your spouse, friend or helper, they must purchase a guest band and can only be admitted during the Consignor Preview Sale at 5:00p.  We can only sell one guest pass, per consignor. 

Only one wristband will be issued per consignor.

We will not be able to replace any lost or stolen wristbands!  Keep them in a safe place!

Please try not to bring children to the Preview Sales as it's always very busy and the check-out lines can sometimes be long.  If you must have a child with you please insure that child stays with you AT ALL TIMES!  Please remember that items on the floor belong to consignors, just like you and we want to keep everything in the same condition as it was brought in.  Children over the age of 16 will be required to have a wristband.

In the past, we have had numerous complaints about consignors/volunteers using chairs to save their spot in line for the preview sales.  Only volunteers who work the shift immediately prior to the preview sales will be able to use a chair to save their spot in line, this applies to volunteers who work on Thursday (9-1) and Saturday (2-5).  Everyone else will need to be present, in line, until the doors open. 

Fall 2015 Preview Sale Schedule - Wristbands Required!

Thursday, September 24th
  • 2pm-8pm - Super+ Volunteer Preview Sale
  • 3pm-8pm - Super Volunteer Preview Sale
  • 4pm-8pm - Volunteer Preview Sale
  • 5pm-8pm - Consignor Preview Sale
  • 6pm-8pm - New Mom Preview Sale
Saturday, September 26th
  • 4pm-7pm - Volunteer Half-Price Preview Sale 
  • 5pm-7pm - Consignor Half-Price Preview Sale

Guest Passes

Each consignor is eligible to purchase one  Thursday Night Preview Sale Guest Pass for $10 during check-in. This allows one guest the opportunity to shop with consignors starting at 5pm. If you are a consignor who is volunteering, your guest will have to wait until 5pm to shop. Guest passes are also sold, in line, prior to the preview sales.

Half-Price Preview Sale guest passes are also available for $5 each, one per consignor. These are good for entry on Saturday at 5p at which time all items marked "Discount:Yes" will be half price. They will also be sold in advance and in line on Saturday. 

September 25-27, 2015