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Previous consignors Log In to register for the current sale and manage your items using your existing MyCM Consignor Account. You may also log in to choose volunteer shifts or set a check-in appointment once they are posted.

Check-In/Drop Off

All consignors are required to reserve a check-in appointment for dropping their items. During our sale week, we have check-in for several days (see schedule ) prior to the public sale during which all consignors will bring their items in to the sale location, have them inspected for quality, proper hanging and tagging, ensure they are not recalled items, and put them out on the sales floor.

Appointments are required for check-in!

You should allow 20-30 minutes  to check-in and we will ask you to assist us in putting out all of your items.  If you arrive, without a confirmed appointment, your appointment may take up to an hour while we work you in.  You will receive a confirmation email when you sign up for a check-in appointment.

Please select an appointment by logging in to your account (log in link in the sidebar to the right).  Once you have selected your appointment, you may come any time in the 30 minutes following your appointment time (i.e. if you have a 3:00 appointment, please come between 3:00 and 3:30). 

When choosing your appointment, only available times will be presented. If you do not see a time on the day you prefer, please check back closer to the drop off time to see if any additional spots have opened up. 

If you plan to consign more than 400 items, you will be required to have two or more appointments.  Please email us to schedule those appointments.  This policy will be strictly enforced to allow a smooth check-in process for all of our consignors, including our power sellers!

Check-In Process

  • When you get to the sale location, please come in and look for the Check-In Table . There you will get your preview sale wristband and be instructed on where to bring your items. We will have carts and rolling racks to bring out to your car to help with bringing your items in.  
  • During check-in, volunteers from The One Week Boutique will inspect your items, and ensure quality and all Pricing  and Tagging  Guidelines have been followed. We suggest you group your items by gender and then size (for example: group girls clothing together starting at smallest and ending at largest) to assist you in placing your items on the clothing racks.
  • Though children are welcome at check-in, it is much easier and faster if they are not with you.
  • Please do not be offended if items are returned to you. We are being very strict with our quality. No fading, pilling or stains even if it's priced low.  BRING ONLY YOUR BEST!
  • If you have high-value items (over $15) that are not marked Donate, you may request to go through an additional check-in process for those items. This will take a few extra minutes to inspect these and scan these items into our tracking list. 
  • After everything has been checked, you will be asked to put your items on out the sales floor. Volunteers will be available to assist you. 
  • All items must be on hangers, priced  and tagged  BEFORE you bring them to Check-In.  We do not have space to allow consignors to tag or hang items.

Restocking Check-In Process

If you are registered as a restocking consignor (you will know if you are based on the email confirmation you received when you registered), the same process above will apply but with the following changes:

  • Your check-in appointment will be on Friday between 10-2.  We will send you an email with a confirmed time.
  • The sale will be open to the public during your check-in time, so please be aware and monitor your items until they are checked in. 

For full details, please see our Restocking page

Check-In/Drop Off Location

At your appointment time, please bring all of your items to our sale location . There is plenty of parking and an outdoor entrance, and we will provide carts, rolling racks, and tables to assist you in check-in. Additional assistance will be available to help you unload and bring in heavy items.  Please do not park along the front sidewalk - that area is reserved for unloading only!

April 3-6, 2014